Massage Therapy Services

Massage therapy is a great for the following conditions:


Digestive disorders



Insomnia related to stress

Myofascial pain syndrome

Soft tissue strains or injuries

Sports injuries

Temporomandibular joint pain


Massage session‚Äč



Massage Session


30-minute mud mask 


Enjoy a massage of the face, neck, 

and chest along with a nourishing mud mask.  


30-minute hands & feet 

paraffin treatment

Enjoy a massage of the hands and 

feet followed by a paraffin dip to 

warm and soften the hands and feet.


Aromatouch  Massage

A 1-Hour massage using essential oils to relax, boost your immune system, 

alleviate sore muscles, and bring the 

body back in balance.


Hot Rock Massage

Enjoy a 1-hour full body massage with 

the heat of hot rocks. A great way 

to warm up sore muscles and allow 

the body to fully relax.


Pampering Package

Enjoy a 2-hour massage session.  The 

session can be specialized to you to

include paraffin, mud mask, and body



Self Tanning Massage

Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed 

by a self tanning lotion rub.