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Health Education Classes

As promoters of health and wellness we are excited to offer you this series of Health Education Classes at the Zen Zone this March and April.  We will have a variety of topics to choose from.  Let us help educate you in your journey to WELLNESS!


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


@ 6:30pm

March 1

March 8

March 15

March 22

March 29

Healthy Living Support Group

Join us for this 5-week series on healthy living and learn more about why would should eat the things we do, timing of meals, portion control, how our food effects the body, and so much more.  There will be weekly weigh-ins with this series if desired.  You can also get measurements before and after.  This series will focus a a lot on the nutrition part of health and wellness.  If you take part in our weight loss challenge the person who loses the most weight in the 5-week series will win a prize

Leader:  Janalee Lyons

The cost for the 5 weeks is $30.


March 4 @ 6pm

Spring Into Essential Oils

Learn more about essential oils, how they work, and how to use them in your daily life.  ITOVI scans will be available during the class to see what essential oils would best help your body at the moment.  

Leader:  Chrystal Christy with doTERRA

The cost for the class is $7 (you will get a rollerball mixture of your choice to take home with you.)


March 11 @ 6pm

Keto Diet VS Drink

Come and learn more about the ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones and how both can help improve your overall health.  BETTER mood, focus, energy, sleep, and fat loss.  

Leader:  Curt Blevins with Pruvit

The cost iof the class is $7 (you will get a packet of Keto Nat to take home with you.


March 18 @ 7pm

Pilates Reformer 101

Come and learn more about the Pilates reformer and how it works.  Learn new ways to strengthen your core and your entire body.  Stretch and Strengthen at the same time.  Try it for yourself.  

Leader:  Heather Carota

The cost is $7 for the class


@ 12:30pm

March  20

March 27

April  3

April 10

April 17

April 25

Trauma Healing Through  Movement

Experienced some trauma in your life that you need some help getting though?  Join us for this 6-week yoga journey and learn how physical movement can help release and heal emotional trauma.

Leader:  Bridgette Justine

Series is $60 for the 6 weeks

Thursdays @ 6:00 pm

March 25

April 1

April 8

April 15

April 22

April 29

May 6

Relax, Balance, Renew

Experience a weekly reset of each energy center.  Combining a relaxing yoga flow, balancing energy with Reiki, and renew the mind, body, and spirit with breath and meditation.

Leader:  Janice Robinson

The cost for this 7-week series is $75

Mondays @ 6:30pm

April 5

April 12

April 19

Health Benefits of Backyard Gardening

Join our Master Gardener and learn how to care for your garden's health and how gardening affects YOUR health.  

Introduction to Backyard Gardening

Small Space/Raised Bed Gardening

Organic Gardening

Benefits of Barefoot Gardening.

Leader:  Karen Couch, Master Gardener

The cost for the series is $30 which includes a make and take for the end.